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bug#44545: Many Test Failures @3d62df2

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#44545: Many Test Failures @3d62df2
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 21:36:40 -0600
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Fred Wright wrote:
The built-in tests are currently failing on multiple platforms. The attached cases cover three versions of Linux (run on VMs), plus one on OSX (native). Also note that the CentOS and Fedora cases return zero exit statuses in spite of the failures.

The CentOS and Fedora test runs correctly return successful exit status: some of the launcher tests are not being run because the test driver is detecting that the testing environment has not been properly set up. They are reported as "unsupported" tests when this occurs, since this condition was expected to indicate that symbolic links are unavailable.

You are correct that the testing environment should be properly set up and the tests should run on GNU/Linux systems, assuming that the filesystem in use supports symlinks. The cause was traced to misuse of relative file names when constructing symbolic links and should be fixed in current master at Savannah as of commit e14ab2646f02530efb93037f1fee5c20f5af4121. This should resolve the issue on Fedora and CentOS, and help to narrow the scope for the issues on Ubuntu and MacOS X.

To debug the remaining issues, I will also need the .sum and .log files produced by DejaGnu for the failing tests. If current master fixes the test environment errors (resolving the issues observed on Fedora and CentOS) and all else remains the same, I will need the report-card.{log,sum} files from an Ubuntu run and the {launcher,report-card}.{log,sum} files from a MacOS X run to further investigate this issue.

-- Jacob

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