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bug#44693: Missing documentation for make variables

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#44693: Missing documentation for make variables
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 21:57:08 -0600
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Robert Menteer via Bug-dejagnu via wrote:
In section 2.1 of the manual it describes what you should add to Makefile.am to 
add DejaGnu to your makefile. There are two make variables that are missing 
DEJATOOL (which tells what tool to test) and EXTRA_DEJAGNU_SITE_CONFIG (for 
adding text from files to site.exp).

Please add documentation for these two makefile variables.

While you are correct that those variables are important for users to know about, those are features of Automake rather than of DejaGnu. I have added a cross-reference to the relevant section of the Automake manual at that point in commit 4e404d84294f27c3de7cffb06869afa64409f286.

Closing as now fixed.

-- Jacob

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