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bug#47385: make check confused by ../../expect/expect directory

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#47385: make check confused by ../../expect/expect directory
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 23:18:29 -0500
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Rainer Orth wrote:
When running make check on Solaris, I initially got lots of failures
like the following:

Running /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/testsuite/runtest.libs/libs.exp .
ERROR: tcl error sourcing /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/testsuite/runte
ERROR: tcl error code POSIX EACCES {permission denied}
ERROR: couldn't execute "/vol/gcc/obj/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/../../expect/exp
ect": permission denied
    while executing
"spawn $EXPECT"
    (procedure "start_expect" line 10)
    invoked from within
    (file "/vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/testsuite/runtest.libs/libs.ex
p" line 99)
    invoked from within
"source /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/testsuite/runtest.libs/libs.exp"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel #0 source /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc1/testsuite/runtest.libs
    invoked from within
"catch "uplevel #0 source $test_file_name" msg"

It turns out that there I happened to have a ../../expect/expect
directory there.

Unfortunately, lib/runtest.exp (findfile), which is called from at the
beginning of testsuite/lib/runtest.exp, only uses "file exists" which
also works for directories, thus the diagnosis.

You are correct that code in DejaGnu that expects to locate an executable can incorrectly accept a directory with search permission.

The immediate cause for these test failures is some very old code that had been unused for years and was updated and used as part of the new internal testsuite infrastructure in 1.6.3. The support for automatically locating an Expect executable in the old Cygnus layout was misfiring on the ../../expect/expect directory you had, and this support will be removed in 1.6.3-rc2 and replaced with better handling of the EXPECT variable. Users wishing to use a special Expect binary with DejaGnu's internal testsuite will need to pass EXPECT=/path/to/expect explicitly to either runtest or make check; additional code now ensures that the latter case is supported. An entry for this change has been added to NEWS.

However, this will also be a known bug in the 1.6.3 release as it has uncovered a larger issue: a later check in testsuite/lib/runtest.exp is supposed to immediately throw a fatal error if the EXPECT variable does not refer to an executable, but utils.exp:which has the same problem of accepting a directory with search permission as valid. While runtest.exp:findfile is likely to be deprecated or revised, it is an undocumented procedure, while utils.exp:which is in the manual and is specified to locate executable files.

The initial fix that should allow tests to complete is in commit ed6511a32895f6af1451adcdd42815adcde7341a and will be included in release candidate 2.

-- Jacob

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