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bug#47533: bug in dejagnu 1.6.3-rc2

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#47533: bug in dejagnu 1.6.3-rc2
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 20:23:15 -0500
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Tom Tromey wrote:
I tried dejagnu 1.6.3-rc2.  I ran "runtest" on a subset of the gdb test
suite, and this worked well.  Thank you.

I tried the new "dejagnu" command but noticed two things.

First in --help:

Usage: dejagnu <command> [--help|options...]
Usage: dejagnu --help
Usage: dejagnu --version
        --help                  Print help text
        --version               Print DejaGnu version

The GNU norm is to use upper-case for "metasyntactic variables", so
normally it would say "dejagnu COMMAND [...]"

So how should that be written in GNU convention?
"dejagnu COMMAND [ --help | OPTIONS... ]"?
Is there a description of these conventions somewhere that I have missed or overlooked?

Second, either --help or running it without options should probably show
the available commands.

This issue is PR33821. It has not been implemented yet because we do not have enough commands to make evaluating an implementation practical.

Third, the use of tabs in the output makes it a bit weird to quote.

This was done for convenience, including that the help texts are actually read from the script files where they are "inset" using tabs. (The line "# ##help" in the dejagnu launcher script introduces its own help text.) What problems does this cause?

-- Jacob

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