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bug#47382: runtest doesn't work with Solaris 10 /bin/sh

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#47382: runtest doesn't work with Solaris 10 /bin/sh
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 22:39:57 -0500
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Rainer Orth wrote:
* There's also

Native configuration is /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc2/config.guess: syn
tax error at line 35: `me=$' unexpected

  another POSIX shell construct, and less easily avoided because this
  comes from upstream.

As of commit 2ca7d52dfa1726aadd1363e399d9b41429332017, which will be in release candidate 3, configure now contains experimental logic to address this issue by patching the interpreter line in config.guess and config.sub when SHELL is not /bin/sh.

  I'd already noticed another instance of the problem after I'd sent the
  original PR: while e.g. autoconf-generated configure and related in
  gcc are very careful to invoke config.guess only prefixed with $SHELL,
  runtest.exp exec's it directly, again falling into the trap of POSIX
  shell constructs (also $(), maybe more).

The "exec" used in this case is Tcl's exec(n), which simply invokes the installed copy of config.guess (via the system) with the interpreter indicated in the file. The patch now applied by configure should correct this issue.

However, there are more errors still:


Running /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc2/testsuite/report-card.all/onetest
.exp ...
spawn /bin/sh -c cd /vol/gcc/obj/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc2/testsuite/report-card
.all/onetest && exec /vol/src/gnu/dejagnu/dejagnu-1.6.3-rc2/dejagnu report-card^
expr: syntax error
ERROR: could not resolve command dejagnu-report-card

There are obviously more hardcoded uses of /bin/sh here and elsewhere,
but I haven't looked for those yet.

If this issue remains in rc3, I repeat my request for execution traces under both /bin/sh and /bin/ksh for the rc3 version of the dejagnu launcher script. Please attach the output of "/bin/ksh -x ./dejagnu report-card" and "/bin/sh -x ./dejagnu report-card" with both run in the DejaGnu source directory when you get the chance if there are still issues.

I have delayed extending the "shell swap" logic in configure to the dejagnu launcher script because I am currently uncertain whether it will help solve any problems.

-- Jacob

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