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bug#48155: [dejagnu-1.6.3-rc4] make check depends on SHELL

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#48155: [dejagnu-1.6.3-rc4] make check depends on SHELL
Date: Mon, 03 May 2021 23:06:00 -0500
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Kiyoshi KANAZAWA wrote:
Tried dejagnu-1.6.3-rc4 on Solaris x86/x64 with many SHELLs & found
make check fails with SHELL=/bin/csh,
which does not occur with dejagnu-1.6.3-rc3.
I know csh is not recommend, but still have to say something changed worse.

The root cause of this issue is a program called "shellcheck" and the decision by the maintainers of config.guess to take its advice and break backwards compatibility with pre-POSIX shells, while Solaris 10 /bin/sh is still a pre-POSIX shell, leading to bug#47382 when I imported the newer config.guess in preparation for the 1.6.3 release. Now DejaGnu must find some way to choose a shell that can run config.guess and use it for that purpose if config.guess must be run.

DejaGnu is installed in an architecture-independent tree, so substitutions made by configure are not acceptable here: the installed DejaGnu can be shared with other machines after installation.

The solution adopted in 1.6.3-rc4 is to check the environment for variables named CONFIG_SHELL and SHELL (in that order) and use the first one found to run config.guess, falling back to simply running config.guess directly (which will use /bin/sh) if neither is set. Obviously, this causes problems if CONFIG_SHELL is not set and $SHELL is not a POSIX Bourne shell. In an effort to limit those problems, runtest now also checks that the output of config.guess looks plausible and aborts very early if it does not.

I am very interested in the "Native configuration is ..." line from "make check" in the failing case; runtest should detect that config.guess did not produce a valid result and abort instead of running any tests at all.

I see a few options:

1. Check $SHELL (apparently [exec $::env(SHELL) -c {A=$(echo X); B=Y; echo $A${B}Z}] should be enough to exclude csh and non-POSIX Bourne shells, producing "XYZ" if $SHELL is acceptable) and either: 1a. Unset SHELL if the check fails. This would mean that testsuites could depend on SHELL naming a POSIX Bourne shell if it is set during a testing run. 1b. Immediately bail out if the check fails, informing the user that CONFIG_SHELL must be set to the executable name of a POSIX Bourne shell if SHELL is set to something else.

2. Improve the error message produced when config.guess fails to run to explain that CONFIG_SHELL must be set to the executable name of a POSIX Bourne shell if SHELL is set to something else.

The 1a option does lead to possible future support for /finding/ a POSIX Bourne shell and thus allowing testsuites to expect that SHELL will be a "standard" shell.

-- Jacob

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