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[bug-diffutils] "detuning" diff

From: starlight
Subject: [bug-diffutils] "detuning" diff
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 13:27:40 -0500


Have a request for a feature or direction on
a possible local hack for 'diff'.

Years ago an ancient minicomputer utility
'scmp' had an excellent feature that I sorely

One could specify the minimum size block of
text in lines to be considered when comparing
two file.  It was something like

   scmp --minimum-block=15 <file1> <file2>

What this did was cause the comparison to show
less granular differences.  It was great for
seeing a clearer picture of changes.  In
particular a major reworking of a function
could be made to show up as just a single
delete and replace.  I compare source code
changes while working and often have to resort
to side-by-side viewing with 'emacs' because
'diff' generates output that is unintelligible.

Is such an enhancement conceivable with the
present algorithm?  If so would it be simple
enough for a quick-n-dirty local hack?  The
--minimal option vaguely implies the possibility,
but the code is not trivial to understand and
perusing it briefly was unilluminating.

Please note that I am familiar with the
--context option and this is definitely
not what I'm talking about.


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