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[bug-diffutils] bug#27241: bug#27241: diff command modified my file

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: [bug-diffutils] bug#27241: bug#27241: diff command modified my file
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 14:42:21 -0700
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Hong Jehn wrote:
When I use command "diff -qr abc/ usb/abc/" to compare 2 directory,  it changes the 
"centos_7_x86_64_Minimal.iso" sometime but the file size didn't change even when I just 
ran the same command and it says they are the same. Other file are fine, it changes only this iso 

Also, I wrote a similler program like diff before it came out the same problem. 
I guess it's a glibc bug? I kept the broken file in case you need it.

This problem comes out like once a week, I kept the sha256-code but this 
problem seems serious.

Since the problem affects multiple programs, it must be something else in your system, either in the C library or (more likely) in the underlying file system code or something like that.

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