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check.sh Problem

From: Adam Cozzette
Subject: check.sh Problem
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 22:29:18 -0800
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I have a slight quibble with the check.sh script that gets
run with `make check'. As it is now, some of the tests fail
if the current directory is not part of the user's path,
(which applies to most of us, I imagine). Here's a patch
for it, though it seems a bit overkill for such a tiny
change; you could just prepend ./ to $i on line 64 and to
$base.ed on line 85. This patch applies to the latest
version of GNU ed, the one at


--- check.sh.orig       2006-11-12 22:00:50.000000000 -0800
+++ check.sh    2006-11-12 21:57:38.000000000 -0800
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
 # they exit with non-zero status
 for i in *.red; do
        echo $i
-       if $i; then
+       if ./$i; then
                echo "*** The script $i exited abnormally  ***"
 done > errs.ck 2>&1
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@
 # Run the remainding scripts; they exit with zero status
 for i in *.ed; do
        base=`echo $i | sed 's/\.ed$//'`
-       if $base.ed; then
+       if ./$base.ed; then
                if cmp -s $base.o ${testdir}/$base.r; then :; else
                        echo "*** Output $base.o of script $i is incorrect ***"

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