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[Bug-ed] [patch] ed treats none UTF-8

From: Takao Fujiwara
Subject: [Bug-ed] [patch] ed treats none UTF-8
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 14:48:40 +0900
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The attaching patch fixes ed with the none UTF-8 handling.

Problem 1:
0. Invoke a terminal emulator on zh_CN.GB18030.
1. Create a file name of the code point 0x5c.
% echo "hello" > `/usr/bin/printf "\x81\x5c"`
2. Invoke ed with the created file name.
% env LC_MESSAGES=C ed `/usr/bin/printf "\x81\x5c"`
multi-byte: No such file or directory

Then ed outputs "No such file or directory".
The 0x 81 5c is a multi-byte char of GB18030 encoding.
My patch fixes strip_escapes() not to mistake a multi-byte and the single '\'.

1. Create a file with the content of 0x5b.
% /usr/bin/printf "abc\x81\x5bdef" > hello
% cat hello
2. Invoke ed with the created file and search the char with /.../ .
% ed hello

The ed outputs '?'.
The 0x 81 5b is a char of GB18030 encoding.
My patch fixes extract_pattern() not to mistake the multi-byte and single '['.

I also fixed read_file()/write_file() to see the single byte '!' only.


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