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Re: [Bug-ed] Two more buglets

From: Martin Guy
Subject: Re: [Bug-ed] Two more buglets
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 23:55:14 +0200

On 8 April 2011 17:23, John Cowan <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Searching for NUL characters using /^@/ matches any line, whether or
>> not it contains NULs.
>> and you can't all eliminate NUL characters with 1,$s/^@//g  (that's a
>> NUL there, control-V address@hidden  There doesn't seem to be a syntax for
>> control characters other than \n and its friend)
> Ed is meant to edit text files, not arbitrary binary files, and NUL
> should not appear in text files, as it has no textual meaning.

I agree. Drop binary file support from GNU ed?
Would that upset anyone?

However BSD ed, which I presume is derived from the original sources, if you
$ ed /bun/ls
w ls
you get an identical file, wthout aby newline-adding nonsense :)


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