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[Bug-ed] Possible bug in GNU Ed

From: Mark Manning
Subject: [Bug-ed] Possible bug in GNU Ed
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 07:23:42 -0600

In the file buffer.c within the function join_lines() there is an if
statement as follows...

  if(!put_sbuf_line(buf, current_addr_) ||
     !push_undo_atom(UADD, -1, -1))

It is my understanding that in cases like this the order of operations
is indeterminate.  This of course is a complete non issue if the order
of those two operations does not actually matter  (though this should
be commented).

If however the put_sbuf_line() is supposed to happen before the
push_undo_atom() then I think there could potentially be a problem
depending on which development system is used to compile these

  Mark Manning

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