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[Bug-ed] Exit without saving if output file is a command

From: Jérôme FRGACIC
Subject: [Bug-ed] Exit without saving if output file is a command
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 18:00:04 +0200

Dear Maintainer(s),

I recently use GNU ed (1.10 version) to transmit some input lines to
another command. However, I remark that after the 'w' command, I can
exit ed without any warnings even if the data were not saved into a

Here is an example :

$ ed
A simple line.
*w !sed 's/^/#/'
#A simple line.
$ # No warning before exit

This bug seems to be present in the other versions of ed, including the
last version, 1.13. I would suggest to modify line 580 in main_loop.c
by this one to resolve this problem.

if( addr == last_addr() && fnp[0] != '!') set_modified( false );

Kind regards,


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