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[Bug-ed] could you provide the ed doc in pdf format ?

From: boyang
Subject: [Bug-ed] could you provide the ed doc in pdf format ?
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 18:27:24 +0800


I'm a newbie of GNU/Linux, I just beginning to learn it, and I like it !

But I find that in ed's webpage, it's not provide pdf format document,
the pdf format is very favoured by newbies like me, it allow me to print
it. And reading a paper book is more comfortable than info or man page.
Also, I see many other GNU software's do provide pdf format doc, e.g. grep,
coreutils, find, shell, emacs, etc

And when I try to using texi2pdf, to convert ed to pdf format, it not work.

So could you please provide the pdf format of ed's document ?
Thank you very very much !


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