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Re: [Bug-ed] GNU ed 1.15-pre2 released

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Bug-ed] GNU ed 1.15-pre2 released
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 11:33:20 +0100
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Hi Bob,

Bob Proulx wrote:
Are you interested in reports of spurious gcc warnings?  It isn't an
ed bug but rather a gcc bug.  Using gcc 6.3.0 and gcc 8.2.0 are both
opinionated about whitespace and indention and noisy compiling the
main_loop.c file.

gcc  -Wall -W -O2 -c -o main_loop.o main_loop.c
main_loop.c: In function ‘exec_command’:
main_loop.c:616:15: warning: this ‘while’ clause does not guard... 
      case '#': while( *(*ibufpp)++ != '\n' ) ;
main_loop.c:617:15: note: ...this statement, but the latter is misleadingly 
indented as if it were guarded by the ‘while’

This is indeed a bug in gcc. I reported it in 2016[1], and I am surprised that it is not yet fixed in gcc 8.2.0.


That simply looks to be an insufficiency of understanding of
indentation by gcc.

-Wmisleading-indentation already made compilation a 1% slower last time I tested it. Making it more sophisticated will probably make it slower. I would be happy to see -Wmisleading-indentation taken out of -Wall.


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