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Re: Cut buffer does not persist between files

From: Paul Jackson
Subject: Re: Cut buffer does not persist between files
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2019 21:21:35 -0600
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Since I grew up in the earlier days of ed, before there
was a "yank" buffer, I developed habits using temp
files that accomplish the same thing

Here's a session where I solve this problem in the
way that I've been doing it for over 40 years:

======== Begin ========
$ ed test1
1       test1 text
2       a second line
.w /tmp/pj1
e test2
r /tmp/pj1
1       test2 text
2       a second line
========= End = ========

My temp buffers have names matching "/tmp/pj*",
since my login id, this entire time, has been "pj",
and I began Unix on a PDP 11/45 shared with others,
so it was best to name my temp files in a way unlikely
to collide with those of others on the system.

Even though "ed" continues to be my primary editor,
throughout the years, I did not even know that "yank"
existed until just now.

There are often 100 or 200 hundred "/tmp/pj*" files
in my /tmp directory, dating back many months,
with names just sufficiently unique that I can
remember what they mean while I am actually
and immediately using them.  Likely the particular
name "/tmp/pj1" is my favorite, and gets re-used
several times a day, as it just did now, above.

Perhaps some readers of this thread might find
the above a useful habit to develop.

                Paul Jackson

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