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Re: [bug-ed] Suggestions

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [bug-ed] Suggestions
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 18:19:24 +0100
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Hi Issam,

Issam E. Maghni wrote:
Lzip is just not viable for bootstrapping.

AFAIK, lzip is the most viable format for bootstrapping. The lzip compressor can even be built without a 'make' program and is being used by Mohammad Akhlaghi in his long-term reproducibility project Maneage:

"Until now, Maneage needed the host to have a 'make' implementation which was necessary to build Lzip (Lzip is then used to uncompress the source of GNU Make). But this is not the case in the minimalist/slim versions of operating systems (for example used to build Docker images). After consulting Antonio Diaz Diaz (creator of Lzip), he kindly added the necessary functionality to Lzip and Lzip can now be built without Make. Hence we don't need this assumption any more. With this commit, Lzip and GNU Make are built without Make, allowing everything else to be safely built with our own custom version of GNU Make and not using the host's 'make' at all."

Also, could you apply the attached patch?
`test` is preferred to `[` [2].

POSIX presents 'test' and '[' as equivalent, and it even uses '[' in its first example because it separates more clearly one test from the next when several tests are combined in one line. I find the current code more readable than the change proposed.

> > Also, is there a web accessible link to CVS or GIT for ed repo?
> I asked a while back about this; there isn't a public repository.
Is there a particular reason behind this?

The reason is that I work offline and don't see enough advantages for the project that would justify the extra work required to set up and maintain a repository.

I can see that you managed to create a patch without the help of a repository. But if you feel more comfortable working with a repository, you may use the one maintained by Alexander Jones, for example.

Best regards,

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