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ed using Bash/Emacs commands for movement

From: Jackson Benete
Subject: ed using Bash/Emacs commands for movement
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 14:46:43 -0300

Hello there,
I'm not used to interacting with mailing lists, I hope this will be sent

I was using ed with alpine and trying to follow the GNU ed Manual.
Things were behaving differently and It took me a while to realize that I
was using `BusyBox ed` and not really `GNU ed`.

I've compiled GNU ed then, and succeeded using it and following the Manual.

One thing caught my attention though and I'm really missing it right now.
I've noticed that on the ed version bundled with BusyBox (v1.32.1) it had
the commands to move around just like I'm used to in Bash and Emacs, which
is C-a, C-e, M-f, M-b...
For some reason when I try to move around in my compiled version of GNU ed
(1.17) I will instead get the escape sequences like `^A` for `C-a` or `^[a`
for `M-a`.
Even the arrow keys don't work and print escape sequences. If I need to
correct something I need to delete everything with backspaces or C-u and
start over again.

I tried using ed in a pubnix machine over ssh and it also didn't work (it
was v1.16).

There is some flag that I can activate during compilation to enable this,
or maybe any command or flag during ed execution that can be activated?
Or did BusyBox hacked ed code for those commands to work and they maintain
their own modified ed project?

Thanks for your attention and for maintaining ed.

Jackson Benete

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