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Re: [Bug-ed] GNU ed 1.19-rc1 released

From: Sam James
Subject: Re: [Bug-ed] GNU ed 1.19-rc1 released
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 19:51:37 +0000

> On 15 Dec 2022, at 14:51, Antonio Diaz Diaz <antonio@gnu.org> wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> Sam James wrote:
>> Could you upload a .sig too? Thanks.
> Note that ed-1.19-rc1 is just a release candidate published only at Savannah, 
> not at ftp.gnu.org. Pre-releases and RCs are meant for testing, not for full 
> distribution. I delete them after the stable version is released, and I never 
> sign them.

I understand. It's just awkward to then package using the packaging we have (I 
don't distribute RCs to users, they're hidden so they must be opt-in to test) 
if a package
is set up for PGP signing.

I was hoping it'd be easy to add one in. I may just wait until 1.19 is out.

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