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Re: Warn when editing read-only files

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Warn when editing read-only files
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 16:17:08 +0800

>>>>> "PJ" == Paul Jackson <pj@usa.net> writes:
PJ> might have intended only to read a file, not write it

OK, no warning then upon opening a read only file. Fine.

But ah ha, how about a warning upon using a "a" or "i" etc.

Nobody uses those unless they certainly intend to write later,
so it would be wise to warn early that they are headed for trouble.

Yes, they could "w /tmp/some_rescue_file", upon finding even their whole
home disk mounted read-only. But they perhaps have to leave the facility
and poweroff soon, so /tmp would be going away...

And if they were so smart, they would first do "w somewhere_else" before
their "a" or "i" commands... but then there's "c" etc. Hmmm, s too...

So that's why I wanted the warning upon opening the read-only file,
even before one starts thinking of how they want to change the file.

And ed is an EDitor, for just browsing you should be using "more" or "less."

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