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[bug-fdisk] Bug report: fdisk 2.9h Unable to read /dev/hda

From: Diego Padula
Subject: [bug-fdisk] Bug report: fdisk 2.9h Unable to read /dev/hda
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 12:56:44 -0300

Using Slackware 4.0 kernel 2.2.6 fdisk 2.9h, install CD is booted and hard disk is detected:
IC25N030ATCJ04 ATA DISK DRIVE 7559MB CHS=1023/240/63 UDMA
partitions created with a newer fdisk under 2.6 kernel are detected: HDA: HDA1 HDA2 <HDA5 HDA6 HDA7 HDA8>. /dev/hda5 has a vfat filesystem and it is possible to mount it ok, but fdisk /dev/hda fails. Error message: "Unable to read /dev/hda". cfdisk error: "Fatal error: bad primary partition table". The partition table and all drives are accesible from a Fedora Core 5 installation.

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