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[bug-fdisk] Libparted history contribution

From: Matt Davis
Subject: [bug-fdisk] Libparted history contribution
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 20:39:32 -0500
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I am sending this email out to various programs that use libparted for partition
table manipulation.  If you are on the libparted devel list, you probably have
caught word of this.  I have implemented some functionality that allows parted
to maintain a list of disk changes, allowing for a user to undo/redo changes
before they are actually committed, or written, to disk.  This "History" is a
safety feature, and a library change vs usefulness might not be wanted by you
all.  I was just querying to see if such functionality, as an addition to
libparted, would be welcomed?  In any case, it might be useful for me to wrap it
up into its own library, possibly something such as libparted-utilities or

While the changes I have implemented can exist outside of the library, I figured
it might be something other projects might find useful.  But making any library
changes, especially when many well-known projects use such a library, is a
serious decision.  If this is a worthy change I would like to hear your



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