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[bug-fdisk] My first patch

From: Christian
Subject: [bug-fdisk] My first patch
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 09:44:58 +0200
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Hi! Whit this mail there is a patch called `something.patch'. I have worked on 
readline support, some stuff was already done by someone, I add configure 
check for libreadline, calls to readline() and to add_history() . Command 
completion  already is done and seems to work ok.

I have work on option tables and added getopt_long from GNUlib. 
The variable `extd_options' in `fdisk.c' is an extended options array that 
have all struct option member's and the help message. When parse_option is 
called the `struct option' table is built dynamically by `build_option_table' 
based on `extd_options' and when print_help is called the options in short 
and long form with the help message (gettext'ed) is build from extd_options.

I have also work on aclocal.m4 and split the macro definitions in two files 
(`check.m4' and `libparted.m4') located in m4 directory where also gnulib m4 
files are.

There are other thing that I don't remember now, pleaze update todo and 

I hope that someone can understand this message... :)

PS: Patch created with: [darcs diff > ~/something.patch]

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