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Re: [bug-fdisk] third patch

From: Leslie P. Polzer
Subject: Re: [bug-fdisk] third patch
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 12:24:43 +0200 (CEST)
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> Hi leslie, excuse me for delay... I read diff and patch documentation
> and now I can make a true patch for fdisk:
> To make the patch that you found with this mail I used the follow commands:
>   ~/$ ls
>   fdisk/ fdisk-new/
>   ~/$ diff -Naur fdisk fdisk-new > ~/christian.diff
> You can now go in the directory where you have old fdisk sources (the
> current fdisk source from darcs) and apply the patch
> with:
>   ~/$ cd fdisk
>   ~/$ ls
>   AUTHORS    Makefile.am  THANKS  acinclude.m4  configure.ac  po       tests
>   COPYING    NEWS         TODO    autogen.sh    doc           scripts
>   ChangeLog  README       _darcs  autotools     fdisk.spec    src
>   ~/$ cat /PATH//christian.diff | patch -p1
>   patching file ABOUT-NLS
>   patching file ChangeLog
>   patching file INSTALL
>   patching file TODO
>   patching file acinclude.m4
>   patching file autogen.sh
>   patching file autotools/config.rpath
>   patching file autotools/link-warning.h
>   patching file configure.ac
>   patching file doc/cfdisk.info
>   patching file doc/fdisk.info
>   patching file lib/Makefile.am
>   patching file lib/dummy.c
>   patching file lib/getopt.c
>   patching file lib/getopt.in.h
>   patching file lib/getopt1.c
>   patching file lib/getopt_int.h
>   patching file lib/gettext.h
>   patching file lib/unistd.in.h
>   patching file m4/ChangeLog
>   ...
>   patching file src/ui.c
>   patching file src/ui.h
>   ~/$

I can't reproduce this here because the files ABOUT-NLS, ChangeLog
and some more are already existing... "darcs diff -u" isn't working for
you, is it? That'd be the most simple way to get a hopefully working

That didn't keep me from applying it, however.
But it seems Autotools is making trouble.

What versions of aclocal, automake and autoconf do you have?


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