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Re: Recovering files

From: Matt Schalit
Subject: Re: Recovering files
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 09:15:19 -0800

Bob Proulx wrote:
> >       Is there any way to recover files deleted by using
> > "$rm -rf "
> Extremely unlikely.  It depends upon your operating system and
> filesystem used with it.  The disk blocks would have been freed and
> very likely reused by other files especially on an active file system.
> But here is not a good place to ask that question.  I would suggest
> asking your question in the comp.os.questions news group.
> Bob

Heya Bob,  I lost the original thread, but this question comes
up every once in a while, for which I have an answer.  The user
may want to look into The Coroner's Toolkit, unrm, and lazarus.

Start here: http://www.porcupine.org/forensics/tct.html

It's pretty well respected, and there's an example writeup
using it on Dr. Dobbs.


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