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various patches for bugs/enhancements

From: Padraig Brady
Subject: various patches for bugs/enhancements
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 13:02:21 +0100

I've a few small patches here which I think are definitely required.

1: findutils

 a: find (%D printf specifier added) which prints the device id
    associated with a file. This (in conjunction with the inode 
    number) allows you to uniquely identify any file on the system, 
    which is useful/required for many applications.

 b: xargs doesn't ignore "empty" arguments when -0 used (I.E. '\0' is
    delimiter). You can test this like:

    address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\n\n\n2" | xargs -n1 | od -t x1
    0000000 31 0a 32 0a
    address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\000\000\0002" | xargs -0 -n1 | od -t x1
    0000000 31 0a 0a 0a 32 0a

    As you can see the first command works as expected, whereas the
    second doesn't. In summary multiple consequtive '\0's should be 
    squeezed to 1 '\0'

 c: Related to b: xargs should have an option to group arguments passed
    to commands by 2 or more delimeters, i.e: you should be able to do:

    address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\n2\n3\n\na\nb\nc\n" | xargs -nn
    1 2 3
    a b c

2: textutils

 a: uniq should print a blank line after every group of duplicates. I.E.
    when you use the -D option to print duplicate lines a blank line 
    should be printed, otherwise this info is lost, and the output can't 
    be further processed by anything. e.g.:

    address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\n2\n2\n3\n4\n4\n" | uniq -Db


 b: uniq should have the same options for selecting columns to
    ignore/process like sort. Obviously this is not trivial and so I 
    haven't a patch for this ;-)

I'm not on the list, and so would appreciate a direct reply.

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