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Re: findutils & textutils updates/bug fixes

From: Padraig Brady
Subject: Re: findutils & textutils updates/bug fixes
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:15:07 +0100
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Thanks for the reply.

Kevin Dalley wrote:

#1 sounds like a good idea.

(trivial) patch attached

to apply:
cd findutils-4.1.7; patch -p1 < find_device.diff

#2  seems reasonable as well.

will clean up (small) patch and send

I'm not sure about #3 yet.  That changes things somewhat.  Let me
think about it.
I can do it if you want. I see it as being very important
as it greatly simlifies many operations.

I'm trying to fix a number of bugs in findutils, and
have an alpha release available in
I'll consider adding features in a while.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Padraig Brady <address@hidden> writes:

I've a few small patches here which I think are definitely required.

1: findutils

a: find (%D printf specifier added) which prints the device id
   with a file. This (in conjunction with the inode number) allows you
   to uniquely identify any file on the system, which is
   for many applications.

b: xargs doesn't ignore "empty" arguments when -0 used (I.E. '\0' is
   You can test this like:

   address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\n\n\n2" | xargs -n1 | od -t x1
   0000000 31 0a 32 0a
   address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\000\000\0002" | xargs -0 -n1 | od
-t x1
   0000000 31 0a 0a 0a 32 0a

   As you can see the first command works as expected, whereas the
second doesn't.
   In summary multiple consequtive '\0's should be squeezed to 1 '\0'

c: Related to b: xargs should have an option to group arguments passed
to commands
   by 2 or more delimeters, i.e: you should be able to do:

   address@hidden:~$ echo -ne "1\n2\n3\n\na\nb\nc\n" | xargs -nn
   1 2 3
   a b c

diff -aru -x *.o findutils-4.1.7/doc/find.texi findutils-pb/doc/find.texi
--- findutils-4.1.7/doc/find.texi       Sun May 20 21:39:37 2001
+++ findutils-pb/doc/find.texi  Fri Jun 15 14:54:04 2001
@@ -1144,6 +1144,9 @@
 @item %d
 File's depth in the directory tree; files named on the command line
 have a depth of 0.
address@hidden %D
+File's device number (in decimal); Useful in conjunction with inode 
+number to uniquely identify files.
 @item %F
 Type of the filesystem the file is on; this value can be used for
 @samp{-fstype} (@pxref{Directories}).
diff -aru -x *.o findutils-4.1.7/find/parser.c findutils-pb/find/parser.c
--- findutils-4.1.7/find/parser.c       Sun May 20 21:39:37 2001
+++ findutils-pb/find/parser.c  Fri Jun 15 13:01:01 2001
@@ -1358,7 +1358,7 @@
          if (*scan2 == '.')
            for (scan2++; ISDIGIT (*scan2); scan2++)
              /* Do nothing. */ ;
-         if (strchr ("abcdfFgGhHiklmnpPstuU", *scan2))
+         if (strchr ("abcdDfFgGhHiklmnpPstuU", *scan2))
              segmentp = make_segment (segmentp, format, scan2 - format,
                                       (int) *scan2);
@@ -1422,6 +1422,7 @@
     case 'b':                  /* size in 512-byte blocks */
     case 'c':                  /* ctime in `ctime' format */
     case 'C':                  /* ctime in user-specified strftime format */
+    case 'D':                  /* filesystem id */
     case 'F':                  /* filesystem type */
     case 'G':                  /* GID number */
     case 'g':                  /* group name */
diff -aru -x *.o findutils-4.1.7/find/pred.c findutils-pb/find/pred.c
--- findutils-4.1.7/find/pred.c Sun May 20 21:39:37 2001
+++ findutils-pb/find/pred.c    Fri Jun 15 13:24:28 2001
@@ -566,6 +566,10 @@
        case 'd':               /* depth in search tree */
          fprintf (fp, segment->text, curdepth);
+       case 'D':               /* filesystem id */
+         fprintf (fp, segment->text,
+                  human_readable ((uintmax_t) stat_buf->st_dev, hbuf, 1, 1));
+         break;
        case 'f':               /* basename of path */
          fprintf (fp, segment->text, base_name (pathname));

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