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patch for frcode and updatedb.sh

From: Henner Sudek
Subject: patch for frcode and updatedb.sh
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 01:42:34 +0200
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We just had a look at the findutils and found a few "FIXME"s in the sources
for "frcode" and "updatedb". We decided to do exactly that :-).
In particular, there was a comment that said newlines in filenames were not
handled correctly. Using our patch this should now be possible.
We made updatedb.sh use "-print0" as parameter for find, added "-z" to the
options for "sort" and changed frcode.c to use null-terminated strings as
input (changing getline() to getdelim() ).
The next patch changes how (in updatedb.sh) $PRUNEPATHS is translated into
find options. The old version uses a hard to read regular expression for
that, while the new version makes use of find's "-path" option. On my
machine this is even a little bit faster (~1-2%).

Please tell us what you think, we would be glad to see this integrated into
upcoming versions of findutils.

Thanks for reading,
Henner Sudek and Marcel Martin
(address@hidden and address@hidden)

P.S: findutils-4.1.7-path-patch depends on findutils-4.1.7-newline-patch

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