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'FIND'-command: manual pages

From: Peter Kuhn
Subject: 'FIND'-command: manual pages
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:21:57 +0200


I am using LINUX since nearly three years (now LINUX 7.0), but for a
long time I was unable to operate successfully with the 'FIND'-command.
I arrived at only after a permanent series of failures, and only after
assistance by experienced LINUX- and UNIX-users. The reason for this is
a bug, not in the command itself, but in the manual pages which I
expected to be written for less experienced users like me. However, my
expectations proved to be wrong.

Actually, the manual pages for the 'FIND'-command are a scandal! I agree
that 'FIND' is a powerful tool and  thus needs a complex syntax, but
must this be explained in such a screwed language? For instance, is
itexplained clearly anywhere that the parameters following the
"-printf"-option must be enclosed in quotes? Do you really think that
such kind of assistance might be helpful for people like me who are
willing to escape from Bill Gates idiot platforms?  

So, for all future, please do better.


Dr. Peter Kuhn

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