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updatedb: NTFS iocharset=utf8 hangup

From: Thomas Otto
Subject: updatedb: NTFS iocharset=utf8 hangup
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 01:48:02 +0200
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During recent updatedb-runs my x86 AMD SuSE 8.0 Linuxsystem suddenly froze, to check this I started it at a console, and this was the output (Might not be 100% correct, I had to write it down on paper):

# updatedb
/usr/bin/updatedb: line 213: 1945 Segmentation fault $find $SEARCHPATH
< $prunefs_exp -type d -regex "$PRUNEREGEX" > -prune -p -print
and the system didn't respond anymore.

I first though this was because I named a file "\n" <newline> but deleting this didn't solve the problem, it later turned out that the problem was my W2K NTFS Volume that was mounted read-only with the option iocharset=utf8. I added this option to the /etc/fstab because when accessing this partition xconsole sometimes said:

localhost kernel: NTFS: Unicode name contains a character that cannot be
converted to chosen character set. Remount with utf8 encoding and this
should work.

The strange thing is that the error also occurs when I ran updatedb as a normal user, the following also froze my system ( /windows/d/ is my NTFS mountpoint)

$ updatedb --output=/tmp/myudbfile --localpaths="/windows/d/"

Just doing
$ cd /windows/d/
$ find
didn't cause any problems.

Any Ideas?

Thomas Otto

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