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Minor problem with xargs

From: Charles Mattair
Subject: Minor problem with xargs
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 13:09:23 -0600

The usage text is missing a final line feed.  This causes the following prompt 
be runon to it.

For example:
pebbles /pebbles> find . -type f | xargs -1 ls -s > z
xargs: invalid option -- 1
Usage: xargs [-0prtx] [-e[eof-str]] [-i[replace-str]] [-l[max-lines]]
       [-n max-args] [-s max-chars] [-P max-procs] [--null] [--eof[=eof-str]]
       [--replace[=replace-str]] [--max-lines[=max-lines]] [--interactive]
       [--max-chars=max-chars] [--verbose] [--exit] [--max-procs=max-procs]
       [--max-args=max-args] [--no-run-if-empty] [--version] [--help]
       [command [initial-arguments]]

Report bugs to <address@hidden>.pebbles /pebbles>
missing <lf>---------------------------^

GNU xargs version 4.1.7

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