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Re: or operator bug in find

From: Marcel Martin
Subject: Re: or operator bug in find
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:36:19 +0100
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(Sorry for the late reply)

On Wednesday 08 January 2003 01:45, Neil J. O'Neill wrote:
> The following commands, which I assume should return every file in the
> directory tree, are not returning any hits.
> find . -true -o -true -print
> find . -true -o -false -print

The -true and -print directives are connected by an implicit "-and" and since 
-and takes higher precedence than -or, the expressions you mentioned will be 
evaluated as
find . -true -o ( -true -a -print )
find . -true -o ( -false -a -print )

Since the second expression is not evaluated if the first one is true (see 
section "Operators" in the man page), nothing gets printed.

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