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Re: [bug #4345] find: improvement for manpage description of -print0

From: Andreas Metzler
Subject: Re: [bug #4345] find: improvement for manpage description of -print0
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:12:35 +0200
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On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 04:19:03PM -0400, address@hidden wrote:
> Changes by: Bob Proulx <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu 07/17/03 at 14:19 (US/Mountain)
> ------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
> I disagree with this man page change.  The null termination has
> nothing to do with quotes or whitespace and I think mentioning it in
> the manpage is misleading if not completely wrong. Please do not
> commit this patch.

Just to repeat, _this_ is the *current* status:
| This allows file names that contain newlines to be correctly
| interpreted by programs that process the find output.

Which is broken, as it suggests that anything else (for example
spaces) is safe.

Any $newbie reading this will say to himself "Gosh, newlines in
filenames - who would be that stupid, I'll stay with -print" and he
will start swearing when he becomes aware of the fact that "Unsent
Messages" in his mozilla-folder triggers the problem. 

Do you have a better fix? - My English is not that good.

I'd like to continue this discussion on bug-findutils (I am
subscribed) webforums/web-bts is to aqward to use without permanent
internet connection. 
             cu andreas

PS: BTW, what is the purpose of -print0 | xargs -0 if it is *not* to
handle arbitrary filnames? - Accidentally I must have misused this
feature for years. ;-)

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