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find on Cygwin - less files

From: Ralph Ulrich
Subject: find on Cygwin - less files
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 12:07:33 +0200

Using Cygwin since 2 years, i have a non ending bug with find:
Find does not find the last created directory and his subtree (tested on Fat32 and NTFS drives). A year ago i wanted to discuss this problem on the 'de.alt.comp.cygwin+co' but no one respondet. Below is a test script.
Ralph Ulrich from Saarbruecken in Germany
----------------------------------- begin --------------------------------------
# Cygwin1.dll 1.5.3-1  ---  find 4.1.7
# Test succeeds: no output in file '/tmp/rdiff' but one point (".")
# testtree - must be root of a drive, because of 'dir /S'
: ${DRIVE=`cygpath -u C:/`}
: ${CMD=`cygpath -u ${COMSPEC}`}
cd ${DRIVE}
${CMD} /C dir /S /B /A|sed -e's#.:#\.#'|tr '\\' '/'|sort -f>${TMP}/rcmd
find|sort -f >${TMP}/rfind
diff ${TMP}/rcmd ${TMP}/rfind >${TMP}/rdiff
----------------------------------- end --------------------------------------

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