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Newline as delimitor for xargs

From: Christoph Bussenius
Subject: Newline as delimitor for xargs
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 01:24:06 +0200


I really miss an option to xargs which sets the delimitor to newline rather 
than whitespace or \0. Most unix tools (grep, sort, ...) do use newline as
their record seperator but xargs does not. Therefore pipe constructs using 
xargs in most cases need an ugly element like "tr '\n' '\0'".

I like to use xargs for playing playlists. The default seperator (whitespace) 
is extremely unappropriate because most titles contain spaces in them. 
However very few filenames contain newlines because of which this would be 
the ideal seperator. Moreover you would not have to specify the '-print0' 
option to find all the time.

Hopefully you respect my wish when releasing the next version of fileutils.

Kind Regards,
Christoph Bussenius
``Is there any intelligent life on earth, then?''
Prof. S. Hawking

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