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Recent bugfixes in findutils code in CVS

From: James Youngman
Subject: Recent bugfixes in findutils code in CVS
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 18:26:33 +0000
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I've been fixing some findutils bugs at long last, mainly the ones
listed on the Debian bug tracker for findutils

However, the upload mechanism for ftp.gnu.org is a bit complex these
days and I have to do a sort of "registration" process with the
ftp.gnu.org maintainers in order to be able to put files on it again
(I used to be able to just do "cp ~/foo.tar.gz ~ftp/pub/gnu" :)

I don't know how long that process will take and if the completion of
that process will coincide with a point where I have a bit of spare
time.  That means that in all likelihood we are likely to end up with
several bugs fixed in upstream CVS but still no findutils 4.2.0
release.  Sorry.

Lest you be too alarmed, I should tell you that many of these bugfixes
are trivial.  The only ones of any significance are

1. We now detect arithmetic overflow in the arguments to predicates
   like -mtime.

2. We now diagnose "find . \)" as being invalid.

3. The xargs program will now work, even if your environment is more
   than 20480 bytes long.

There are also some documentation upgrades in the CVS code which have
not yet been released.


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