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I've got YOUR email on my account!!

From: c_armen
Subject: I've got YOUR email on my account!!
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 08:09:26 GMT

First, Sorry for my very bad English!

Someone send your private mails on my email account!
I think it's an Mail-Provider or SMTP error.
Normally, I delete such emails immediately, but in the mail-text is a name & 
adress. I think it's your name and adress.

In the last 8 days i've got 7 mails in my mail-box, but the recipient are you, 
not me. lol

OK, I've copied all email text in the Windows Text-Editor and i've zipped the 
text file with WinZip.
The sender of this mails is in the text file, too.


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