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[patch #3751] Typos and small suggestions to find.texi

From: Aaron Hawley
Subject: [patch #3751] Typos and small suggestions to find.texi
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 09:17:06 +0000
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                 Summary: Typos and small suggestions to find.texi
                 Project: findutils
            Submitted by: ashawley
            Submitted on: Fri 02/18/05 at 09:17
                Category: documentation improvement
                Priority: 6
                  Status: None
                 Privacy: Public
             Assigned to: None
        Originator Email: 
             Open/Closed: Open



Below is a list of documentation fixes included in this patch.

Many of the conclusions I made for consistent markup or spelling were based
on how the document handled the situation the majority of the time, and not
to some "higher standard".  The exception is formating the "locate" in
"locate database". That's my contribution.

Most of the grammatical suggestions are not controversial.  Look forward to
those in a future patch, along with general improvements and suggestions to
the manual.

If you want me to divide this patch into separate patches, let me know.

* Change "filename" to "file name"

* Change one format for 'find' from @samp to @code.

* Format several uses of 'find' from @samp to @code.

* Change all mention of arguments as "path(s)" to "file(s)".

* Change "are different to" to "are different from".

* Change "test will always fail" to "test will always return false".

* Change all uses of "file system" to "filesystem".

* Change "this is the way I normally use this test" to "a common use of this

* Change "might make it a good candidate for deletion" to "might help
determine good candidates for deletion".

* Removed parens around "which can be numeric or symbolic"

* Change improper use of "full file name" to "entire file name".

* Change "0 status" to "zero status".

* Change "command and initial arguments and the terminating nulls" to
"command, initial arguments and the terminating nulls".

* Change "sort each file the" to "sort each file in the". 

* Change "relies on the fact that the shell exits" to "relies on the shell

* Change "has no been" to "has not been".

* Change use of "path" to "file" in "Invoking find" section.

* Change "status 0" to "status zero".

* Change "command-line" to "command line".

* Format "locate" as command with @code{} in all uses of "locate database".

* Change "links count as if they" to "links as if they were".

* Removed incorrect "=" for '-a' syntax.

* Change "or over which other" to "or which other".

* Change "may" about 'locate' security considerations to "do".

* Add punctuation (periods) to two bulleted sentences.

* Formatted any commands in "Error Messages" section titles with @code{}.

* Removed duplicate "a a".

* Removed parens around "since the ... set up by the system administrator".

* Change "It is passed the name" to "It passes to the program the name".

* Change "their own choice" to "their choice".

* Change "useful though this option is" to "useful as this option is".

* Made @samp on actions in table of "Security Summary" section.

* Mentioned "with find" for actions given in "Security Summary" section.

* Change "messages you might get" to "messages sometimes made by"

* Change "figure out which English-language error message the test they
actually saw might correspond to" to "figure out which English-language error
message corresponds to a test"

* Add comma after "Firstly".

* Change "moved the one of the" to "moved one of the".

* Change "or a something" to "or something".

* Removed the two accusations in the 'xargs' error messages.

* Removed use of "me" in the section on 'updatedb' error messages.

* Change uses of "can not" to "cannot".


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diff -u patch for find.texi


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