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[bugs #11879] all mount-points lstat()-ed, but shouldn't be

From: anonymous
Subject: [bugs #11879] all mount-points lstat()-ed, but shouldn't be
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 07:20:29 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #6, bugs #11879 (project findutils):

(From Martin Buchholz <address@hidden>)

I still see hangs in find 4.2.18, despite the

ChangeLog entry that suggests this has been fixed.

Even find --version hangs with this stacktrace

(dbx) where

  [1] _lstat64(0x4, 0xffbff160, 0x1, 0xfeabbe60, 0x81010100, 0xff00), at

=>[2] optionp_stat(name = 0x7a548 "/java/tl", p = 0xffbff160), line 229 in

  [3] set_fstype_devno(p = 0x79b58), line 182 in "fstype.c"

  [4] get_mounted_devices(n = 0x71114), line 278 in "fstype.c"

  [5] init_mounted_dev_list(), line 668 in "find.c"

  [6] main(argc = 2, argv = 0xffbff3c4), line 448 in "find.c"

where /java/tl is the remotely mounted filesystem that

is "down" during command execution.

This is pretty serious.  In a large networked environment,

there is always some NFS server that is broken or very slow

at the moment.

The --version flag at the very least should be handled

before trying to "do" any real work.


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