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Bug in find

From: Mave
Subject: Bug in find
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 03:58:21 +0100


i have a problem (it seems to be a bug) by using GNU find
version 4.1.7 on a Debian 3 Woody with Pinning (Unstable/Testing)

I want to find files named *.cfg or *.ini. The documentation
(man find) shows me to use the syntax below

     find . -name '*.cfg' -or -name '*.ini'

this works fine and without any problems. Now i want to use the -exec
syntax to work with the files. I changed the command to

     find . -name '*.cfg' -or -name '*.ini' -exec echo {} \;

After i do that, the find only shows me the files ending with *.ini.
The files named *.cfg where not displayed.

I think its a Bug by using the -exec syntax in combination with the
-or syntax.

I hope you find the Bug and release an upgrade. I just going to write
me a litte tool to get my work running.

Many thanks


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