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updatedb files portable?

From: Peter Fales
Subject: updatedb files portable?
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 10:38:17 -0600
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Are the files created by updatedb intended to be portable?  We
have an application where we have file trees intended for 
several different architectures on a central Linux server.   We
used to be able to build databases on the server, then distribute
them to the various target machines and use them to run locate on
those machines.

That broke with the upgrade to findutils-4.2.26.  I'm guessing that
it's an endian issue as the databases built on Linux can be read on
a solaris-x86 machine, but not on solaris-sparc or HP/UX.

And does it matter whether or not --old-format is used?  For now, 
I've found it necessary to use --old-format to resolve some other
issues with creating the databases.

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