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bug in FIND: argument list too damn long using -exec chmod 440 {} +

From: D Antryg M Revok
Subject: bug in FIND: argument list too damn long using -exec chmod 440 {} +
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 07:53:31 -0500
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you /probably/ don't care, since it's been "good enough" for the GNU tradition ( to be arbitrary and broken ) for years, but incompetence is incompentence.

If I rig my work to abuse all into obedience, everyone has the right to call-me on it, and some programmers have similar integrity-values.


Books you may find empowering, increasing-your-leverage, or
otherwise increasing your competence:


That "registry" is for others ( you, not me ),
there isn't any address attached to it for others to
even /be able/ to send them to me.

Included with the books list are comments of /why/ each of the
recommendations is so exceptional, compared with the alternatives.

All realizations to you all.

and Tranquil Livingness define your being...

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