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Re: updatedb won't update

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: updatedb won't update
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 23:06:37 +0100

On 9/30/06, Goetz, Philip (NIH/NLM/LHC) [C] <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi - I downloaded find-utils for solaris 10 sparc machines, and
installed it on my SunBlade 2000.  When I run updatedb, a call to "sort"
runs out of memory.  I changed each call to sort to sort -S 500000, and
it no longer runs out of memory.  Instead, it runs for about a second,
produces the error message

sort: missing NEWLINE added at end of input file STDIN

and produces a /usr/local/var/locatedb of one line, saying


findutils tests for GNU sort at compile time.  If it finds it, it uses
"sort -z" and if not it uses "sort".     Did you install a binary
package of findutis (configured for use with GNU findutils) without
GNU sort being present?

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