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[bug #17951] find doesn't correctly stat directories

From: anonymous
Subject: [bug #17951] find doesn't correctly stat directories
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 14:00:40 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17951 (project findutils):

Ok, i have found out what the problem is in detail:
find ... -maxdepth 0 not only uses lstat64 on the given directory /tmp but
also on all files in /tmp in the first hierarchylevel. oldfind ... -maxdepth
0 only uses lstat64 on /tmp. oldfind shows the same behaviour as find if
-maxdepth is set to 1. So oldfind -maxdepth x corresponds to find -maxdepth
In the manpage for find it says:
-maxdepth levels
   Descend  at  most  levels  (a non-negative integer) levels of directories
below the command line arguments. `-maxdepth 0' means only apply the tests
and actions to the command line arguments.

My question now is: Does apply tests and actions to the given command line
include opening the directory and lstat64 all files in this directory?

This changed behaviour led to my first posted problem because find -maxdepth
1 ... wants to open each directory in /tmp to see for a file equal to 'Acro*'
but it should only see in /tmp if 'Acro*' exists, therefor the given
"Permission denied"-messages.


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