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Bug in the updatedb script

From: Ulli.Linzen
Subject: Bug in the updatedb script
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 17:05:06 +0200

Dear Developers, dear Package-Maintainer,

after upgrading the findutils package for Solaris from 4.1.20 to Version
the updatedb script does not work anymore.
In the script, there is a hardcoded invocation of /usr/local/bin/sort.
Well, this location for sort might be true for your Systems, but on our
BSD and Linux Boxes sort is located in /usr/bin.
If it is intended to run gnu-sort instead of the system sort, that
should be stated on
the sunfreeware website (... you have to install gnu coreutils in order
to use the findutils
package..) and it should be reflected in the package itself - the Sun
package management,
even if it is naive and minimalistic, at least has the possibility to
state package dependencies.
If the above was not the intention, it is just an annoying bug that
should be fixed - either
use the PATH Variable, or do some test -x to determine the correct
location of sort.

Thank you & best regards,

        Ulli Linzen

Ulli Linzen
Unix Systems Engineer
Landsbergerstrasse 428
81241 Muenchen
Web: http://www.dab-bank.com/
EMail: address@hidden

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