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Re: findutils-4.2.29 check failure (iregex1)

From: hv
Subject: Re: findutils-4.2.29 check failure (iregex1)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 15:33:56 +0000

"James Youngman" <address@hidden> wrote:
:On 2/24/07, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
:> Ok, I think the problem here is either the gnulib/lib/Makefile* or an
:> interaction between them and configure: after starting again from a freshly
:> unpacked tarball and issuing:
:>   ./configure 2>&1 | tee configure.log
:>   make 2>&1 | tee make.log
:> I can see:
:> I assume the intention is that if the re_compile_pattern probe fails, the
:> regex support in gnulib/lib should be compiled and linked in instead of
:> allowing it to be provided by the installed libraries. The fact that
:> doesn't happen would appear to be the proximate cause of the test failure.
:> I don't know much about debugging at this level, but I can't see any way
:> that the effect of setting "ac_use_included_regex" in configure actually
:> gets propagated anywhere, and 'grep -i regex config.status' matches nothing.
:> Suggestions for a next step would be appreciated.
:I recently made a related fix in the CVS repository.   See
:http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?17861.  What happens if you try building
:from CVS?

I can confirm that all tests pass when building from CVS.

I'd like to minimise the variation from the released 4.2.29 for actually
installing. It isn't obvious from the bug history or the Changelog - am I
right to think the relevant change is configure.in v1.98? Is there an easy
way for me to turn this into a patch to the 4.2.29 bundle that will allow
me to build with the standard invocation?


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