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FYI: I just checked in a large change

From: James Youngman
Subject: FYI: I just checked in a large change
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 22:45:40 +0100

I just checked this in.  It's a significant change.    Without much
benefit, sadly...

2007-04-14  James Youngman  <address@hidden>

        * doc/.cvsignore: Ignore getdate.texi

        * find/defs.h: #include "buildcmd.h" near the top of the file, not
        in the middle.

        * all: Pass O_LARGEFILE when opening directories.

        * all: Changes to allow us to use the FTS_CWDFD mode of fts().
        These are quite extensive changes, and are detailed below.

        * find/defs.h (struct exec_val): New member dirfd, the directory
        in which the exec should take place.
        (is_fts_enabled): Tell the caller which flags are passed to
        (get_start_dirfd): New function.  Returns value of start_desc.
        (get_current_dirfd): New function.  Returns the fd of the
        directory fts is currently traversing.  If this is the current
        directory, AT_FDCWD is returned.
        (complete_pending_execdirs): takes a new argument, indicating
        where the exec is to take place.  Ugh.
        (get_info): the file name is taken from state.rel_pathname, so
        we don't need it as a function argument.
        (enum DebugOption): Added DebugExec ("-D exec").
        (struct state): Added cwd_dir_fd, the directory we are examining
        with fts().  If fts() is not in use, this is AT_FDCWD.  Also added
        execdirs_outstanding, which is a boolean which tells us if there
        are any not-yet-execed -execdir or -okdir actions (with +).  This
        is not really used yet.
        * find/ftsfind.c (set_close_on_exec): New function.
        (get_current_dirfd): Return an fd open on the directory that fts()
        is currently examining.
        (left_dir): Signal that our previous ides of which dirctory fts is
        searching is now out of date.
        (inside_dir): Indicate which directory fts is now searching.
        (complete_execdirs_cb): Callback for run_in_dir() to complete
        pending execdirs in this directory.
        (show_outstanding_execdirs): Supports "-D exec"
        consider_visiting(): Do not allow building-up of pending execdirs,
        as a workaround to Savannah bug #18466.
        (ftsoptions): Make this a static module variable.
        * find/parser.c (insert_exec_ok): New parameter describing which
        directory the exec should occur in.
        (parse_version): for FTS, add a list of options being used.
        * find/pred.c (pred_and, pred_comma): No need to pass the relative
        path name to get_info(), it can pull it from state.rel_pathname.
        (pred_delete): use unlinkat().
        (pred_empty): use openat().
        (new_impl_pred_exec): Accept an fd parameter describing where the
        exec is to take place.
        (pred_executable, pred_writable, pred_readable): Use run_in_dir()
        to ensure that access() is called in a working directory which is
        suitable for the pathname we pass in.
        (prep_child_for_exec): In the child process, change to the
        appropriate directory becore the exec().
        * find/util.c (debugassoc): Support "-D exec".
        (get_info): No longer need to pass the relative path to
        (do_complete_pending_execdirs): Refactored body of what used to be
        (complete_pending_execdirs): Pull body out into
        do_complete_pending_execdirs() and call that only if there is work
        to do.
        (fallback_stat, optionh_stat, optionp_stat, optionl_stat): Use 
        (get_start_dirfd): New access function for starting_desc.
        * find/testsuite/find.gnu/execdir-hier.exp: New test
        * find/testsuite/find.gnu/execdir-hier.xo: Expected outut for new test
        * lib/dircallback.c, lib/dircallback.h: New function,
        run_in_dir(), which runs a callback function in a specified
        * lib/listfile.c: Use run_in_dir() to call readlink() in the right
        (get_link_name_at): Call get_link_name_cb via run_in_dir.
        (get_link_name_cb): New callback function, wrappting
        * find/testsuite/find.gnu/execdir-pwd.exp: Since we have disabled
        thebuilding-up of command lines for -execdir, Savannah bug #18466
        has been neutralised (but not fixed - we just don't allow the
        problem circumstance to occur).

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