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[bug #19619] findutils-4.3.3 does not build on Cygwin

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [bug #19619] findutils-4.3.3 does not build on Cygwin
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 15:05:11 +0000
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Update of bug #19619 (project findutils):

                  Status:               Need Info => Fixed                  
         Originator Name:                         => Eric Blake             


Follow-up Comment #2:

As of Apr 18, CVS findutils builds fine on cygwin, but the testsuite still
fails due to bug #18414 when run as a user with admin privileges (where
access(R_OK) succeeds on any file, regardless of mode).

FAIL: access.new-O3, --- find.out       2007-04-18 08:58:32.353530000 -0600
+++ cmp.out     2007-04-18 08:58:32.369149500 -0600
@@ -1,10 +1,7 @@
 r tmp
-r tmp/0
 r tmp/r
 r tmp/rw
 r tmp/rwx
-r tmp/w
-r tmp/x
 w tmp
 w tmp/rw
 w tmp/rwx

Also, several tests fail when CDPATH contains ., rather than gracefully
skipping those tests; contrast the output of two different tests in this

FAIL: execdir-in-unreadable.new-O3,
/home/eblake/findutils/find/testsuite/../find: The current directory is
included in the PATH environment variable, which is insecure in combination
with the -execdir action of find.  Please remove the current directory from
your $PATH (that is, remove "." or leading or trailing colons)
Running /home/eblake/findutils/find/testsuite/find.gnu/execdir-one.exp ...
WARNING:  Cannot perform test as your $PATH environment variable includes a
reference to the current directory or a directory name which is not absolute

As those are both testsuite failures (and one already has a separate bug
open), and not build failures, this bug is fixed once you release 4.3.4.


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