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Re: Commit/patch policy for bug-findutils

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: Commit/patch policy for bug-findutils
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 12:40:31 +0100

On 6/22/07, James Youngman <address@hidden> wrote:
Would the members of the list prefer to see the patches?   Would you
comment on them?   If the answer is yes, we should probably post
matches to the list.  Supposing we have a policy of posting patches to
the list before/after commit, do you think you would have the time to
review them?

Several people responded.  All the responses were in the direction of
yes, please send out patches.   Not everybody wanted the patches sent
to the list.  So I have created a findutils-patches list to send
patches to.

If you are interested in reviewing or just seeing changes to
findutils, please join that list.  The list will be archived, but
there is no archive yet (due to lack of messages to the list and, I
think, because the archive is refreshed nightly and the list isn't
that old yet).

I'm sure there will be a little confusion as we try to work out a
process that works for us all.  Apologies in advance for any
inconvenience caused by these changes.

I plan for the moment to send patches to the list and wait for a
positive response before applying.  Lack of objection will be taken
for acquiesence after a reasonable interval.   Followup on patches
will go the the findutils-patches list except where the issue is
important enough to merit discussion by this list.

If you'd like to contribute code to findutils, please go ahead and
discuss your plans on this list and send patches to the
findutils-patches list.  But please be aware that all but the most
trivial changes require a copyright assignment to the Free Software

The list information page is at


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