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Q: findutils-4.2.20-2 - “find: write e rror: Invalid argument”

From: Faehrmann
Subject: Q: findutils-4.2.20-2 - “find: write e rror: Invalid argument”
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 10:26:07 +0200


I like to get help with an usage problem concerning 
find | xargs (findutils-4.2.20-2) 
under windows 2000 command shell.

The command 
find ./ -name *.h | xargs -n1 echo
produces the error message 
“find: write error: Invalid argument”

It seems that only 1000 byte of the “find” output reaches the final command 
(here echo).

The same command line works in the Cygwin bash shell.
It seems that “find” stuck if the pipe buffer gets full. 

How can I avoid this error?  

Thanks in advance

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